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Our Favorite 2020 Salesforce Features and Updates

As Salesforce consultants, we are always excited for new features and updates. Our business revolves heavily around Salesforce software, so we notice even the most nuanced changes within the platform (we are kind of Salesforce nerds and we like it that way). As we head into the New Year, we asked the Allium team what Salesforce features and updates — big or small — they loved most in 2020.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Pardot Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Engagement History Dashboards
My favorite new feature(s) in Pardot are the new Engagement Dashboards available on the Account, Opportunity, and Campaign objects. These provide great ABM into who is engaging with your marketing materials and which assets are performing best.
– Larry Harvey, Marketing Automation Lead

2. Salesforce Maps
I really like what Maps adds for the Sales Cloud user: the ability to find your customers by asset purchased or NAICS code is a valuable tool when out in the field.
– Chris Phelps, Project Management

3. Unique Count in Reports (AKA Power of One)
It is so easy now to add a counter to reports that totals the number of unique records. This is helpful when you are using reports that include line items such as opportunities or quotes.
– Corrine Allard, Sr. Business Analyst & Managed Service Lead

4. Salesforce Customizations
I really like being able to use Lightning, Process Builder, and Flows to migrate legacy systems. The flexibility of Salesforce allows me to rebuild what worked well in the old system and design new enhancements so users are operating with an easy, efficient, and intuitive sales process that promotes higher user adoption.
– Brian White, Sr. Salesforce Consultant

5. Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher
With this extension, you can quickly search the code components in your salesforce instance. Using the advanced quick find gets you to your code with a few less clicks and allows you to search any string in your code.
– Mark Gaither, Sr. Developer

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