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As technology continues to evolve, so does the way you interact with customers. Quick, reliable customer service is a must — and with convenience, comes expectations. Customer loyalty and retention stems for two things: quality work and a good rapport. Even if they love the work you do, having a subpar case management process can be the thing that makes a would-be repeat customer jump ship. Without a proper process in place, mismanaged contact records fall through the cracks. This creates confusion around stage and status of requests, more questions, and often times, multiple follow ups from the customer.

So, what can be done to ensure high customer satisfaction and ease-of-use for your team internally? An optimized case management process in Salesforce Service Cloud that centers around First Contact Resolution. With a good First Contact Resolution setup, your team will benefit from a process that is both streamlined and offers transparency, so they have the visibility they need to address customer needs quickly and efficiently. 

Allium helped our global manufacturing customer build a case management strategy in Service Cloud. We provided much-needed automations that improved their customer response times by more than 40%. The new streamlined functionality in Service Cloud not only boosted customer visibility and overall effectiveness internally, but also improved their customer service tenfold — resulting in a direct revenue increase.

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Learn how Allium enabled streamlined case management workflows to create transparency for customers and the call center.

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