Experience Cloud (Community)

Experience Cloud

Create Powerful Customer and Partner Experiences

With Experience Cloud you can connect with customers through their preferred channels, live chats and forums to share information and build solutions.

Experience Cloud

Key Benefits

Integrate Data — From Anywhere

Connect data from Salesforce, third party or legacy directly to Experience Cloud.

Boost Site Engagement

Engage with customers in new, meaningful ways.


Experience-Driven Metrics

Track and analyze experiences with personalized dashboards.

Customized Customer Experience

Help customers find exactly what they are looking using relevant content, AI recommendations, and more.


100% fully responsive digital experience.

Built-In Security & Data Access

Secure customer and partner access. 

Working with Allium

Guided Cloud Implementation

An Experience Cloud implementation from Allium will help you connect with customers through their preferred channels, live chats and forums to share information and build solutions.

Cloud implementations by our experienced Salesforce-certified team includes:

  • Project Kickoff and Discovery
  • Org Setup, Community Setup, Branding Setup
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Personalization
  • Final Walk-through & Next Steps 

Customer Story

Create an Intuitive Community Workspace for Coaches  and Positive Outcomes for Students

With a growing coach and fellow-base, UtmostU needed to maximize user-experience for coaches to easily navigate their workflow and caseloads – and in turn, create a positive, meaningful experience for their fellows. Additionally, they wanted the interface to serve as a self-guided tool that empowers coaches to take next steps, without requiring UtmostU support to complete tasks.

Together, UtmostU and Allium worked to develop a more intuitive and centralized command center for coaches in Salesforce. UtmostU also wanted the ability to capture key data points that would provide insights on how to better support fellows through the program. This meant working with Allium to eliminate overcomplicated processes and dashboards, adding more user-friendly enhancements to streamline their workflows, and improving functionality and access to resources for coaches and UtmostU staff.

Experience Cloud

Products & Solutions


Partner Portals

Build Your Own

Account Portals

And More!

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Happy Customers

“Extremely knowledgeable” 

“The Allium team quickly and efficiently provided a general installation of Salesforce products. Allium was not only able to provide technical expertise, but also provided suggestions for future enhancements outside of the project scope as well as service walk-throughs for business users not as familiar with Salesforce products.”


“Critical integration partner”

Allium has been a critical integration partner for our Salesforce.com project.”


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