Allium makes Milwaukee Business Journals 2021-2022 Book of List Top Management Consulting Firms

Complicated business processes can be, well, complicated. That’s why going the extra mile with your Salesforce org to streamline your processes and workflows can make all the difference in the way you operate. 

Our customer, a major health insurance provider, made the most of their legacy platform, but complex code quick-fixes could only go so far. They became ill-equipped to manage their current workflows and keep up with today’s needs without a system that scaled with the business. More specifically, these processes and workflows were impacting their effectiveness with customers during Open Enrollment, their busiest time of year.

Allium helped them simplify complexities in their existing Salesforce org and make key improvements to advance their Open Enrollment strategy and operations. Now they have access to better automation capabilities, streamlined processes, and more valuable reporting.

See Allium Actions and Results!
Learn how Allium made process improvements in Salesforce to recharge their Open Enrollment strategy.

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