Ever wonder what a Managed Service team could do for your business? Here are the short answers to common questions from customers interested in initiating a Managed Service:

1. We have been using Salesforce forever, why would I need a Managed Service?
A good Managed Service provider is an expert in Salesforce so you don’t have to be. Since Salesforce is super dynamic and constantly adding and changing to improve user experience, having a dedicated Salesforce partner on the pulse of all things Salesforce will help you navigate evolving functionality, updates, security, data, and more. With this next level of support, you will be positioned to fully utilize your CRM and improve your ability to forecast and bring in new business.

2. What kind of support do I get with a Managed Service?
In addition to a specialized team of Salesforce experts, including Architects, Administrators, Analysts, and Specialists, Allium provides you with a direct point-of-contact called a Prime. Your Prime is on-call to assist you and works on your behalf as an extension of the Managed Service team. You also receive Executive Touchpoints, Roadmapping, Planning, Quick Resource Guides (QRGs) and Recommendations to optimize your end goals.

3. What does a Managed Service mean for our existing internal staff?
A Managed Service team is here to help support and supplement your core business processes by working with your Admins, not to replace. The goal is to provide continuity by acting as a connection point for your Admins and offering necessary support to improve the business no matter how complex or mundane the task. A capable Managed Service provider offers training and brings new Admins up to speed, incorporates best practices and helps streamline processes, giving your staff a set place/process for asking questions and getting assistance that will improve how they do their job.

4. We are experiencing organizational changes, how can a Managed Service team help?
Change management is an incredibly effective benefit of a Managed Service. Our Managed Service team will work with you across your org to realign and establish processes when you are experiencing an organizational change big or small. Having this kind of support alleviates confusion and stopgaps to keep you operating as usual during minor or significant changes within your org.

5. When is the best time to bring on a Managed Service?
You can begin a Managed Service at any time, but a great time to start is after an implementation. This allots for support through new processes, growing pains and  finding new needs as you work in your new org, and provides you with expertise from our team to offer recommendations, Strategic Planning and Roadmapping that aligns with your newly updated Salesforce org.

6. Why wouldn’t we just hire an internal Administrator to handle all my Salesforce needs?
Salesforce Administrators have a very valuable, yet finite skillset. Meaning, they simply can’t do it all. With a Managed Service, you get a versatile team of specialists to work with your org — including Architects, Business Analysts and Data Analysts — that have the Salesforce experience, multi-industry expertise, and familiarity of business scopes that an Administrator may be lacking.

7. I’m having a hard time retaining my Salesforce team members. How can a Managed Service help?
A Managed Service team provides stability, and oftentimes a less costly solution, without the turnover. A dedicated team provides orgs with ongoing, reliable, consistent support of your system and your efforts. Our Managed Service team gets to know your org and has detailed records to help bridge the gap and create continuity when you bring on new members.

8. How long do I have to contract with you for a managed service agreement?
Every organization is different which is why we offer flexible service agreements in addition to trial runs. Connect with our team to learn more about a Managed Service contract for your org.

Since 2011 Allium’s team has been dedicated to giving customers the tools they need to boost their business to the next level within the Salesforce platform. Our Managed Service practice has a proven track record of managing and producing successful outcomes for our customers. As a result, we have also earned Salesforce Navigator status. Learn about our Managed Services offering.

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