Automations to Support Your Supply Chain 

Allium empowers manufacturers to leverage Salesforce products that automate production workflows, enable real-time supply chain visibility, and facilitate data-driven decision-making to drive operational efficiency and accelerate growth. 

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Enhancements for Manufacturers

See how the products and solutions we deliver — Salesforce and beyond — can be leveraged to support manufacturers and promote steady growth.

Sales Cloud

Lead and opportunity management, sales forecasting, and customer communication. Manufacturers can use Sales Cloud to track and manage their sales pipeline efficiently.

Manufacturing Cloud

Provide tools for demand forecasting, order and production planning, and collaboration with partners. Manufacturers can gain insights into their operations, streamline processes, and improve supply chain visibility.

Service Cloud

Provide excellent customer support, manage service requests, and track customer issues. This can contribute to improved customer satisfaction and retention.


Utilize IoT in processes (e.g., monitoring equipment performance) to help collect and analyze real-time data. This can lead to proactive maintenance, reduced downtime, and improved operational efficiency.

Analytics (Tableau)

Analyze data from various sources, including production, sales, and supply chain. This can lead to better decision-making and performance optimization.


Build online portals, manage B2B transactions, and enhance the overall customer buying experience. This is particularly useful for manufacturers selling directly to consumers or other businesses.


Create online communities for suppliers, distributors, and customers. This can improve communication, collaboration, and information sharing within the manufacturing ecosystem.

Partner Relationship Management

Foster collaboration with distributors, offering visibility, streamlined onboarding, and optimized sales channels. It acts as a central hub, tracking partner performance and ensuring scalable partnerships in the manufacturing ecosystem.

Working with Allium

Guided Support

A successful Salesforce implementation isn’t just about building the software. It’s about creating a system that puts your people and processes on a path that nurtures growth and is malleable to change.

As your dedicated partner, we make it our mission to drive solutions that will fix your real, everyday challenges. We give you a tailored setup and expert guidance, so you can maximize your investment — from project discovery to completion. 

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Happy Customers

“Extremely knowledgeable” 

“The Allium team quickly and efficiently provided a general installation of Salesforce products. Allium was not only able to provide technical expertise, but also provided suggestions for future enhancements outside of the project scope as well as service walk-throughs for business users not as familiar with Salesforce products.”


“Critical integration partner”

Allium has been a critical integration partner for our project.”



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